About us

What do we do … ?

We manufacture and sell band merchandise from the music genres punk, metal and hardcore. The majority of our products offered comes from our own production. All bands working directly  with us are also proportionately involved in our sales. Our products are 100% "Official Merchandise".

Our printing.
In general, our shirts in the Discharge procedure are printed. The colors used are water-based and completely free of plastisols. The pressure is breathable and also for babies and toddlers allowed since all used colors of the Oeko Tex Standard class match. 1 and 2

If you operate even a shop and want to reflect on us goods at wholesale prices, simply create an account where you an e-mail to - wholesale@ragewear.eu - sends. The data we need is for one of you: Store URL, a store address and billing address & VAT number.
We also print your merchandise!

If you want it printed textiles on us, simply send an email to - sonic@ragewear.de -.
We offer: Stage Banner, Banner boxes, T-shirts, hoodies, lighters, cups, badges, caps, etc.
When refining different products we can in a variety of methods to draw, such as various print and embroidery process.
We take care of all aspects.